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Living (+learning, heh) and diving and knitting in Miami, Florida...


100 things

1. I have met 9 people in the last 18 months that were born on my exact birthday. 3 of them were born in the same year within 5 hours of my birth.

2. I am a Scorpio born on the cusp with Libra, Aries rising, Libra moon. I have several other planets in Scorpio as well. No, I don't take astrology too seriously but it IS a lovely metaphor for capturing personality characteristics. And it is terrific for focusing an intuitive skill. Reading entrails works well, too, but it's so messy.

3. My heritage is Italian and Ukrainian . First generation American on one side and second on the other.

4. It is entirely possible that my one year old father and 13 year old maternal grandfather were passing each other in the halls of Ellis Island in 1902.

5. My first name (I no longer use it) means Goddess of Wine. My last name in German slang means "a good time". Heh.

6. I loathe to the point of phobia grasshoppers and dentists.

7. I am clairsentient and from an early age have had sporadic precogs. This is not always fun.

8. I taught myself how to lucid dream as a child.

9. I'm an omnivorous, voracious reader. Leave me alone with a cereal box and I'll read it.

10. If you've ever read Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's channelled Michael teachings, I'm a sage essence.
It's all about expression.

11. I love the texture, but I really knit for the color.

12. Yes, I'm a yarn snob.

13. I most definitely recall past lives and they were all ordinary. At least the ones I recall.

14. I vividly recall several deaths by drowning and that made it REALLY difficult to learn scuba diving. Took me several tries to get down the first time.

15. I love diving. Actually, I love anything on or in the ocean.

16. I have a knack for languages.

17. I ride horseback though not for many years. Peak experience with it was a horsepacking trip into the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming. Keep saying I'm gonna do it again. Maybe this will be the year.

18. I'm a licensed massage therapist and a Healing Touch practioner.

19. Am studying to be a medical intuitive and healer.

20. I prefer sailboats to powerboats.

21. I prefer sailboat people to powerboat people. Generally.

22. Life started over again? would love to make films, play music, design houses filled with light and color.

23. Love music in just about any form. Eclectic taste in same.

24. Used to believe as a child and teenager that my life was about soaking up all sorts of skills and knowledge but that the thing that I would do with it all literally did not exist yet. Imagine an extarodinary talent for computer programming in a person born in 1670. What to do? I did not think it made me special in any way, though.

25. Hate car accidents.

26. I feel MRIs. They feel like thousands of tiny pinpricks in the area being scanned.

27. I used to have a terribly keen sense of smell. Often not fun. But in the past two months, it seems to have vanished. I am not happy about this.

28. Have had cat or cats since I was 9 years old. would have had them earlier but it took that long for me to wear down my mother on the subject.

29. I love dogs, too. But, damn, they're a lot of work!

30. I sewed a lot of my own clothes from elementary school through high school. At age nine I begged the junior high sewing teacher to teach me how to sew in summer school one year.

31. I taught myself how to crochet in the 60's and made and sold all those dreadful granny square vests. I still can't look at the 70's styles in that genre without wincing. And I'm not too keen on crochet anymore, either.

32. This is getting tedious. Did I mention I'm impatient?